All of your Endpoints. Every Vendor. One Unifying Solution.


If your organization already uses VDI, you know that it brings a number of challenges along with its many advantages.
We’ve solved one of those bigger challenges: flexibility, management and security of VDI endpoints.
CloudReady: VDI Edition is a new solution designed to simplify, secure and streamline the management of all your VDI endpoints by effectively turning them into thin clients. Through its innovative architecture and design, CloudReady combines a universal operating system with device management, creating a unifying solution for your VDI implementation.

And best of all? You don’t need to change a thing:  
  • All vendors: CloudReady works seamlessly with all VDI vendors (VMWare, Citrix, AWS, Microsoft, etc).  
  • All hardware: CloudReady also works seamlessly with all the hardware you already own, from laptops and desktops to thin clients and X86 tablets.

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