Equity From Soup to Nuts

How Lincoln Public Schools Achieved Digital Inclusion and Sustainability While Saving Money

Digital equity has been a pervasive, and sometimes controversial, topic in the education community for a number of years, and yet remains a significant barrier to closing the achievement gap in classrooms of districts of all sizes. Meanwhile, as budget season approaches, CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors are under pressure to improve equity, technology and performance, all while saving money.


Listen as Kirk Langer, CTO of Lincoln Public Schools, and members of his team share how a district with 42,000+ students worked with partners like Neverware to:

  • Foster an environment of “All means all” for its students
  • Create “zero-entry” digital learning experiences in the classroom
  • Achieve 1:1 by extending the life of their existing computers
  • Substantially improve student outcomes and close achievement gaps
  • Save considerable money along the way to invest towards the future
  • Build appropriate systems of fiscal accountability & sustainability

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