Two "ChromeTops" per classroom: Delivering the Chrome experience at Lincoln Public Schools

Although every student in grades 2-12 at Lincoln Public Schools is issued a Chromebook, the district's technology plan called for every classroom to have two additional devices on hand to fill any potential gaps.

Implementing a stripped-down version of Windows on Dell laptops wasn't working—performance was so poor that students and teachers simply wouldn't use the devices.

A CloudReady pilot yielded feedback that the device performance was far superior to Windows, and led to a deployment of 4,000 CloudReady devices across six technology support regions.



CloudReady has allowed us to meet a very important need while also extending the life of 4,000 Dell laptops that would have otherwise been surplussed.

- Darin Raguse, Lincoln Public Schools


Download the case study to learn more about how CloudReady enabled Lincoln Public Schools to extend device life, save money, and reduce support time, while providing users with the familiar Chrome experience.


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