CloudReady + VDI: Compute without compromises

It's easier than ever before to have the apps you need with the increased performance and lower cost of Chrome OS.

Immediate cost savings.

“Enterprises that move to Chrome OS save on average $1.5M in device and software cost avoidance, and well over $3M in improved employee productivity and IT management savings.”

- Forrester Total Economic Impact of Shared Google Chrome OS Devices (2018)

As time goes on, you not only will see the immediate upfront cost savings, but organizations on average see a return of $5.2M at an ROI of 295% over a three year period.

A modern OS built for the cloud

Enjoy all of the benefits of Chrome OS including local browser, fast boot times, over the air security updates and centralized device management


Legacy app support

Deploy the legacy apps that you can’t live without in a VDI environment. Yes, that includes Excel, Photoshop, Quickbooks and many more!

Hardware you have

No need to buy new machines: CloudReady supports hardware up to 13 years in age and runs on 300+ devices.

Try Chrome OS today for your company for free.

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