Bridging the EdTech Divide:

Going Google at Scale in Florida

The last few years have seen Google rise above Microsoft and Apple to become the dominant provider of US K-12 technology, aided by Chromebooks, G Suite for Education, and a rich ecosystem of 3rd-party web-based tools & curricula. Last year, Chromebooks accounted for more than 60% of all US K-12 computers purchased.

The exception? Florida, which is still very much a battleground between the tech giants, and a longstanding foothold for Microsoft.

The School District of Lee County, with more than 93,000 students, is one of Florida's top 10 districts by student enrollment, and several years ago, it began going Google—a monumental shift in the state.

Listen as Dwayne Alton, Executive Director of Infrastructure Services for Lee County, and Jerry Christmas, Systems Engineer for Lee County, discuss:

  • Why Lee County decided to adopt Chromebooks and G Suite for Education
  • The process of changing and the associated challenges
  • Lessons they've learned along the way
  • Advice for other districts pondering the switch to a Google environment

Note: Due to some audio problems during the live session, the full Q&A isn't available in the recording. Check out our blog post for a transcript of the final two questions.

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