1:1 in 2 Months:

Deploying Chromebooks & CloudReady at Henry County Schools

“We are easily saving well over half a million dollars [...] in just leveraging CloudReady services because we did not have to put that money up front in having back-up devices. We already have devices in the district…why not leverage what we have and try to maximize every dollar for the students’ benefit?"
- Jeffrey St. Aime, Henry County

Often when people think about device deployments and 1:1 initiatives, the same words come to mind:
Long. Complicated. Expensive. Risky.

Two years ago, Georgia’s Henry County Schools—a 42,000 student district—didn’t have any Chromebooks. But when they decided to go 1:1 with Chromebooks for grades 3-12 as part of the district’s personalized learning plan, they proved themselves to be the exception to the rule, successfully deploying 36,000 devices in less than 2 months.

In this webinar, Jeffrey St. Aime and David Carter of Henry County Schools join the Neverware team to discuss:

  • The process of getting the project approved and funded
  • The timeline involved in executing their 1:1 deployment
  • How they managed their device deployment
  • How they’re using CloudReady machines as backup Chromebooks and for on-the-fly state testing
  • Best practices and lessons learned
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