Making the future seamless:

Your company and VDI, now and next

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If you’re using VDI now, chances are it’s because security is paramount at your company. But as you think about the future, and what that looks like for your company, we know you face other factors at play, including how you can provide a secure, manageable, and flexible user experience, no matter the hardware or the location.

What’s the best way to ensure security now while also positioning your company for the organization you want to be in the future?

Join leaders from Citrix, Google, and Neverware for a conversation specifically aimed at addressing VDI in the context of what you do now, what you’ll do next, and how to get there—seamlessly:

  • Expand security from the data center all the way to endpoints
  • Ensure simple, reliable, cloud-based management
  • Minimize friction while facilitating cloud adoption

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